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JABSOM Graduate Spotlight

Kayla Murata, Class of 2020 I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied medicine in the best place in the world, our beloved Hawaii home. The culture at JABSOM encourages students to become lifelong learners and educators, to advocate for social change and to serve our local community, especially our underserved patient population. Some of my favorite highlights include living on Hawaii Island for my third and fourth year clinical clerkships, serving our homeless community through the Hawaii HOME Project and participating in cultural, clinical and service activities towards earning the Dean’s Certificate of Distinction in Medical Education and Native Hawaiian Health.

Kayla Murata, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2020


Sailesh Tummala, Class of 2020 JABSOM has taught me to be a competent physician that puts patients first. From our PBL curriculum to integrated clinical experiences, I feel confident in the foundation I have built for a successful career. More importantly, I am proud to have graduated from a school that prides itself on medical student education and caring for its Hawaiʻi community. My experience here has helped me grow as a person and life long learner, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sailesh Tummala, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2020


JABSOM taught me not only how to be a compassionate, competent physician but also gave me the tools to grow as a life-long learner. The PBL curriculum and encouraging environment creates a culture of innovation and academic excellence that distinguishes it as a progressive leader in medical education. As I enter my dream residency, I’m confident and prepared to meet what challenges lie ahead.

Jaclyn McLoughlin, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2017


JABSOM gave me the invaluable opportunity to learn and serve amongst a population I hold dear. The concept of ‘ohana’ was integrated into every aspect of my educational journey. From PBL based learning–which enabled us to support and learn from one another–to serving in the local community, my ‘ohana’ grew and I in turn, developed as a person and a medical professional. Because of the foundation built at JABSOM, I am prepared to share quality care and the aloha spirit with my future patients at home in Hawaii, and abroad.

David Niumatalolo, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2017


Malia Takeuchi, Class of 2014 Attending JABSOM was an amazing experience for me, and learning through PBL helped to encourage me to become a more self-directed learner. My classmates have become some of my dearest friends, and I’ll always cherish the memories we made during some of the most challenging and worthwhile years of my life. It is such an honor for me to be able to join the ranks of other JABSOM-trained physicians in Hawaii to care for the community we love.

Malia Takeuchi, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2014


Jeremy Stone, Class of 2014 The progressive JABSOM curriculum allowed me to take an active role in my learning going through PBL cases rather than passively sitting in a lecture hall. JABSOM gave me not only knowledge, but also grew the intangible skills of leadership, confidence among my peers, and passion for lifelong learning. Because of JABSOM, I am thriving at my dream residency in Neurological Surgery.

Jeremy Stone, MD
JABSOM, Class of 2014
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